Summary Probation Count 2011/
The Juvenile Probation & Incarceration Costs Study

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Juvenile probation & incarceration costs study

On behalf of the Pew Center on the States, researchers at The Cochrane Collaboration College for Policy at George Mason University are conducting a study of state-level spending on juvenile justice for fiscal year 2011. The study will capture spending on residential facilities housing young people charged or adjudicated for an offense and juvenile probation supervision in the community under court-order.

update of juveniles on probation 2011

The update of juveniles on probation for 2011 is now closed.

This update was conducted in partnership with George Mason University and The Pew Center on the States. We sought to:

  • Verify your office information
  • Gather a total population count of young people as of December 14, 2011 on formal, court-ordered juvenile probation and informal, non-court-ordered juvenile probation (for those offices providing this service)
  • Confirm the geographic areas served by the responding office.

We conducted this exercise for three reasons:

  • Crime rates have seen a rapid and unprecedented decline in the past several years; we are uncertain of the effects of this decline on probation.
  • We must maintain the probation roster for the next round of the Census of Juvenile Probation Supervision Offices, currently scheduled for administration in late 2012
  • The Pew Center on the States is undertaking a ground-breaking study of the costs of juvenile probation and the costs of juvenile incarceration. The George Mason University team will be working alongside Pew and The Lloyd Society 501(c) 3 to conduct this study. Accurate counts will be critical in providing practitioners and policymakers the true value of community supervision.

308 offices reported
154,190 juveniles on formal probation